Having a nice Pelican blog hosted on Github Pages is already awesome.

We can make it more awesome by linking it to a cool domaine name (like www.cooldomainename.com).

This way, your blog will be reached from www.cooldomainename.com instead of boring-username.gihtub.io.

Four (or three) steps are required to setup the domain name with Pelican and Github Pages.

Register your domain name

Google "buy domain name" and buy your domain name from a domain name supplier.

Add a CNAME file to the Pelican blog

Follow the steps to add a CNAME file at the root of your static blog

$ cd blog
$ mkdir content/extra
$ cd content/extra
$ vi CNAME

Write your domain name in the CNAME file:

$ cd blog
$ cat content/extra/CNAME

Add the following two lines to your config file to tell it where to find extra content

EXTRA_PATH_METADATA = {'extra/CNAME': {'path': 'CNAME'},}

Finally, commit and push those changes

$ make github

Add the CNAME record to your domain name DNS

Go to your domain name vendor and configure the www CNAME record to point to your username.github.io

CNAME Configuration

Add two A records to your domain name DNS

Go to your domain name vendor and configure two new A records and make them point to the two urls Github tells you to.

A Record Configuration

Eventually, you can remove the Parked A record.

Change the visual theme of your Pelican blog

sam. 10 juin 2017 by Mick Cherry

The Pelican default theme is notmyidea-cms, but there are dozens of themes you can freely use.

Here is how I did it.

In a random folder, get all the Pelican themes

$ cd random_folder
$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/getpelican/pelican-themes

You can see all the themes names (which are …

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Setup a free static blog with Pelican hosted on Github User Pages

ven. 09 juin 2017 by Mick Cherry

The association of Pelican and Github Pages allows for an (almost) easy setup and free-hosted static blog.

There are several Github Pages types. The one I chose to use is names User Pages.

The main steps to setup a new blog are:

  • Install the dev environnment (editor, Pelican generator, tool …
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